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There are subsidies available for landlords who rent
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Ending Veteran Homelessness in Santa Clara County

The All the Way Home campaign is a broad partnership between public, private, non-profit and faith organizations working together to eliminate veteran homelessness in Santa Clara County.

Since 2015, our coalition has worked together to increase housing opportunities for veterans in our community and connect veterans in-need to available rental units.

Through this collaborative effort, we’ve helped connect 2,201 homeless veterans to housing.

Join us in our drive to end veteran homelessness in our community.


Many veterans experience conditions that place them at increased risk for homelessness, including higher rates of mental health issues, addiction disorder and lost jobs. Veterans experiencing homelessness are more likely to live on the street than in shelters and often remain on the street for extended periods of time.

Furthermore, veterans living in Santa Clara County must contend with one of the most expensive rental markets in the nation and extremely low vacancy rates. This has made it extremely difficult for many struggling veterans to find safe and affordable housing, including those who qualify for housing vouchers or rent assistance.

As a result, Santa Clara County has among the highest rate of unsheltered homeless veterans in the country.


All the Way Home is a community-wide campaign that brings together a wide array of public, private and non-profit partners working to address veteran homelessness. This coordinated effort incorporates a number of different programs, resources and tools to connect more of our homeless veterans to stable housing, including:

This unique collaboration is led by the City of San Jose, County of Santa Clara, Santa Clara County Housing Authority, in partnership with a consortium of local non-profit service providers.
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Thanks to the collective efforts of our All the Way Home partners, we’ve taken important steps towards ending veteran homelessness in our community:





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“All the Way Home” campaign.


All the Way Home is a community-wide campaign to end verteran homelessness in Santa Clara County led by the County of Santa Clara, City of San Jose and Santa Clara County Housing Authority, in partnership with a wide array of private and non-profit partners.

The campaign was launched in 2015 by San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese. During the campaign’s early years, Destination: Home served in a convening role, bringing together public agencies, private funders, and non-profit and faith organizations into a single, coordinated effort to assist our community’s homeless veterans. Over the years, the All the Way Home campaign has implemented a variety of different programs, resources and tools to connect homeless veterans to stable housing – and the All the Way Home partners continue to house dozens of local veterans every month.

Today, this work remains as urgent as ever. But by working together, we can end veteran homelessness in Santa Clara County.